amazingly talented

“Sarah Crawford Stewart is amazingly talented and dedicated. Her strategic perspective, organizational experience and wise counsel were all huge value adds to my campaign”.

Tim Pawlenty

Former Governor of Minnesota, President and CEO of Financial Services Roundtable


key strategic advice

“Over the course of my campaign, Sarah Stewart provided me with key strategic advice and kept our team focused on the essentials. Her unmatched work ethic, her ability to organize diverse groups of people and her capacity to manage complicated processes impressed me every step of the way.”

Jon Huntsman

Former Governor of Utah, Former US Ambassador to Singapore and China, Ford Motor Company Board of Directors, Chairman Huntsman Cancer Institute


acute understanding

“Chris Stewart developed and engaged an online community of supporters for Rick Snyder during his campaign for Governor of Michigan. Chris’s acute understanding of social media and its relationship to messaging and traditional grassroots organizing created an online movement that empowered Michiganders for Snyder and greatly enhanced the campaign’s overall efforts.”

Jeff Rinvelt

Principal at Renaissance Venture Capital Fund, Snyder Campaign Advisor


crucial to our legislative victory

“Tyler was crucial to our legislative victory. We fought a steep, uphill battle, and against all odds, he helped bring together a strong bipartisan coalition to protect the freedom to marry in New Hampshire. He filled numerous roles: strategist, lobbyist, spokesperson; you name it, he did it. We wouldn’t have won without him.”

Marc Solomon

National Campaign Director, Freedom to Marry


high stakes political campaigns

“For the two years that I chaired Standing Up for New Hampshire Families, Tyler was my mentor and coach. That I so readily accepted this relationship after running the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation for 24 years says volumes about Tyler’s savvy, his read on tough political calls, his deftness in working through the kinds of messy situations that come up in high stakes political campaigns, and his basic integrity, decency and wisdom.”

Lew Feldstein

Former President & CEO of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and Chairman of Standing Up for New Hampshire Families


knowledge of the Granite State

“During the 2008 New Hampshire Primary, Matt helped Senator McCain win 98% of the precincts he organized. I relied heavily on Matt’s knowledge of the Granite State and his innate ability to build trustworthy relationships.  He was an integral player in the Senator’s historic victory and has a bright future in the New Hampshire political scene.”

 Jim Barnett

Vice President for Political Affairs, U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform and McCain 2008 NH Campaign Manager


sharp instincts

“During the 2008 presidential primary Chris Stewart wrote a groundbreaking political blog that captured the attention of the “Gang of 500.” Chris is clever, talented and can turn a phrase like few people in the business. His clients will benefit from his deep relationships, sharp instincts and strategic thinking.”

Jill Hazelbaker

Senior Director of Corporate Communications and Global Public Affairs at Google


grasp of the media 

“Christine and I met on a campaign which enabled us to work closely over a period of several months.  After its conclusion, we continued to collaborate together on several strategic consulting projects.  Her grasp of the media universe along with her determination and commitment is truly admirable.”

Beth Lindstrom

Campaign Manager for Scott Brown’s successful U.S. Senate special election campaign, former Secretary of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation under Governor Romney, and the first woman to be Executive Director of the Massachusetts State Lottery


get out the vote

“Matt impressed me throughout Governor Huntsman’s New Hampshire focused presidential run and the targeted, savvy get out the vote program he ran during Nathan Fletcher’s San Diego mayoral campaign in 2012.  Matt is a valuable asset to any project.”

Matt David 

Political and Media Strategist, Huntsman 2012 Campaign Manager, McCain 2008 Deputy Communications Director, Deputy Chief of Staff to Governor Arnold Schwarzeneggar


turned the tide

“We counted ourselves extremely lucky to have Tyler on our side. He turned the tide on our legislation and put us back on solid ground. He has earned our respect.”

Lavinia Limón

President and CEO, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants


some of our past and present clients